Frequently asked questions


If you have received a revenue check, and have misplaced it/lost it, please call our main number (303) 463-8799 and have your owner number ready, ask for the title department.
You will receive a check once your revenues have accrued to $25.00 or more. For funds accrued under $25.00, you will receive a check for those funds with the October check-write, or once your account reaches $25.00.
  • Often times, your family member/or you, have returned executed division orders and w9’s in a different time frame. During that time, additional months of production revenues may have accrued and will reflect a higher/lower payment amount. 1099s provided at year end should reflect similar payments.
  • Our system sets decimals at 8 decimal places, therefore, when splitting interests, some owners decimals may be rounded up and will reflect a slightly smaller/Larger decimal
  • Unclaimed property may be referred to as escheat, abandoned property or unclaimed funds.
  • Each state has unclaimed property laws which require certain assets to be considered abandoned after a period of inactivity, usually ranging from one to five years. During this abandonment period, ExTex must make a concerted effort to seek out and return property to the rightful owners. Issuance of due diligence letters is a part of this effort.
  • Click on this link to every state unclaimed property website (click here)